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Energy Management

Geographic Automation

Using Legend Secure’s Smart Thermostat, you can set guidelines for your heat and air based on your location.  When you leave the house, your system will automatically turn down to save energy while you’re out of the house.  When you’re close to home, the system will detect your location and adjust to your preferred temperature so you can be comfortable as soon as you walk in!


Responsive Savings

The thermostat intelligently responds to the weather to search for opportunities to save energy.  It works to reduce waste on very hot or cold days, and knows if you’ve left a door or window open for an extended time.  By using real-time activity within the home the system is able to learn and work efficiently.




Coordinate. Automate. Control.

Smart Schedules

Make custom schedules that control your lights and thermostat based on the time and day.  Always keep your house comfortable when you’re around, and efficient when you’re not.  Lighting control gives your house the appearance of being occupied when you’re away.


Triggered Automation

Various activities can trigger responses from your thermostat or lights.  When you arm the security system to away, your temperature will automatically adjust.  Upon unlocking the front door, the system can turn the entry light to help you see.  There is an endless combination of triggers aimed at making your life easier and more efficient.


Total control, on the go

Control everything from the mobile app!  Change the temperature, control scheduling, or set your system to home or away mode.


Measureable Results

Your Legend Secure system keeps track of everything, allowing you to see where you are least efficient so you can make the necessary changes.  You can track the impact of your changes on your overall energy use and costs so you can see the progress that you’re making.