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      Home Access

Give visitors temporary access with unique lock codes, and get alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.

With Legend Secure’s system, you can set temporary codes for visitors which will only work during a set time-period.  Whenever the door is locked or unlocked you will receive a notification informing you of their activity. 

Always know who is going in and out of your house, and if they are there when they should be.


 Control for Door Locks & Garage Doors

Legend Secure integrates door locks and garage door controls seamlessly with the system, giving you total control over all doors.  Keys can be a thing of the past with our keypad door locks that can even be locked and unlocked with the mobile app. 

Do you have a bad habit of leaving the garage door open?  Maybe you think it closed but something triggered the sensor causing it to stay open.  The system will send an alert via text message or email, and you can close the door directly from the app.